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We specialize in dynamic pumping solutions for moving fluids. Some of what we offer includes repair parts, repair work for pumps and panels, job specific control panels and parts, tank alert panels, control floats and transducers, fittings, PVC pipe and fittings, PVC pipe tapping sleeves, polyethylene piping systems, filtration treatment equipment and testing, fiberglass basin wet wells prefabricated to your specifications, fiberglass risers, fiberglass basins and accessories, aluminum and steel hatches, SST prefabrication work, SST pipe, SST chain and cable, stainless steel parts, electrical components, submersible pump cable, valves & controls, backflow preventors, control valves, SST valves, ball check valves, inline check valves, TUBV [true union ball valves], boilers and heaters, well tanks & accessories, job specification, and many other services needed by Supply Houses, Irrigation Houses, Engineers, Drillers, Contractors, & Plumbers. With over 100 years of experience you can tell we are your dynamic pumping solution.

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